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Using a computer-based production studio gives you access to a literally infinite number of virtual instruments. From sampled strings to modeled analog synthesizers to fine-tuned, studio-recorded drum kits, a universe of voices and timbres is at your fingertips with a MIDI-over-USB controller keyboard. Only problem is, most controller keyboards feel less like keyboards and more like controllers. Not the Akai MPK49. Makers of the legendary MPC Music Production Center sampler-sequencers, Akai understands how important it is for electronic instruments to have the same feel and expressiveness of their acoustic predecessors. They've applied their decades of electronic music expertise to the MPK series, and the result is a USB controller that feels more like an instrument than any that have come before. Plus, Akai has added features ported right from the MPC series for a fully-featured studio tool that's equally adept as a keyboard instrument, a drum machine/sample sequencer, and the remote transport and mixing surface for your DAW.

The Keyboard Controller

The 49 full-sized keys are some of the best you can get on any USB controller, even those costing hundreds more. Semi-weighted, with pressure-sensitivity and after-touch, they grant intimate, tactile control over otherwise antiseptic virtual instruments. Keys that feel this good are sure to inspire better performances, as well as make you want to spend more time making music. Solid, responsive pitch and mod wheels add to the Akai MPK49's expressive capabilities, as do assignable inputs for expression and sustain pedals. MIDI in/out jacks allow control over hardware synths and modules as well. You can even create intricate patterns with the multi-phrase programmable arpeggiator built right into the MPK, tempo-sync-able to DAW projects or external MIDI gear.

The Controller Keyboard

Supporting MIDI Machine Control protocol, the Akai MPK49 can be used to trigger more than just notes in your DAW. A whopping 76 assignable rotary knobs, sliders, and buttons grant you hardware access to virtually any control parameter in any digital audio workstation. A dedicated transport section turns the keyboard into the nerve center of your entire studio setup. Eight sliders, buttons and rotary encoders are arranged like a mixer for intuitive control over channel level, panning and arming, should you choose. Alternately, use them to control various functions and effect parameters in plug-ins and virtual or rack-mount synthesizers. A big, backlit LCD screen clearly displays MIDI control presets and makes it easy to edit your own layouts as well.

MPC Features

Other keyboard controllers may have "trigger pads" that emulate the classic MPC, but only the Akai MPK49 has the real deal. Twelve genuine MPC pads, velocity- and pressure-sensitive, sit at the top center of the MPK. They're joined by familiar MPC functions like "full level," "12 level" and "note repeat" modes. A tap tempo control can be used to control both the note repeat and arpeggio functions in real time, and classic Akai "swing" can be applied as well. If you've ever programed on an MPC before, you'll be right at home -- and if you haven't, you'll soon understand why the MPC has been held in such high regard for so long.

If you're looking to get more musical with your computer audio software, don't settle for a USB controller that's going to get in between you and your music. Get your hands on an Akai MPK49, and rediscover the excitement, passion and fun that your music's been missing.

Power Supply: USB Cable (Included) or Akai MP6 Power Cord (Not Included - only required if using Akai MPK-49 without a computer). 

- Number of Keys: 49 + 12 x 4 banks of drum pads
- Type of action: Semi-weighted
- Aftertouch (Channel)
- Computer Interface: USB/MIDI
- Displays: Custom LCD
- Footswitchable Patch Changes: yes
- Number of Independent MIDI Ins/Outs: 1
- Programmable Continuous Footpedals: 1
- Programmable Footswitches: 1
- Programmable controllers: MMC, MIDI START/STOP, MIDI CC
- System Real-Time Controls: MMC, MIDI START/STOP, MIDI CC 
- USB powered (or powered via optional AC adaptor)

Power Supply: USB Cable (Included) or Akai MP6 Power Cord (Not Included - only required if using Akai MPK-49 without a computer).

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