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MultiMix 8 Line is an ideal mixer for the stage, studio, boardrooms, conference rooms, health clubs, restaurants, houses of worship, and MORE. MultiMix 8 Line is also a great fit for any band's live rig, especially for keyboard players and multi-instrumentalists who need to mix or sub-mix multiple sources.

MultiMix 8 Line features eight stereo channels with a mic/line input on channel one and stereo effects send and return. When a mono signal is present on any input or stereo send, the Left signal is automatically summed to mono for mono or stereo compatibility. Connect two MultiMix 8 Line mixers with inexpensive, common TRS cables, and they share the same mix bus for 16 stereo input channels. There is also an effects bus so you can even share the same reverb, compressor, or other effects chain between two linked mixers.

Keep an eye your mix with simple, intuitive signal clip and overload LEDs for each input and a five-stage LED level indicator at the main output.

This generously featured 1RU line mixer is at home or on stage as it is in a machine room, and it's half the price of the competition. Whether you're a professional musician, an audio contractor, or an A/V consultant, MultiMix 8 Line is the tool to get the JOB done.

  • Eight-channel stereo line mixer
  • Microphone/line input on channel one
  • Stereo effects bus which can be shared between two linked units
  • Channel expansion feature for expansion to 16 stereo input channels
  • Individual Pan and Effects Send controls on each channel
  • Signal clip and overload LEDs on each input channel
  • Stereo five-stage LED ladder for output level indication
  • Stereo monitor out
  • Mono input source compatibility for stereo output
  • 1RU 19-inch standard equipment rack size
Master level: max
Effects Return level: min
Signal fed into left/mono input of channel under test
For channel under test: gain = mid
pan = mid
effects = min
For all other channels: gain = min
pan = mid
effects = min
THD+N: 0.005% @ 1kHz, 16dBu
SNR A-weighted: 101dB
Frequency response: +0.1dB / -1dB @ 20kHz
Intra-channel crosstalk (left-to-right within one channel): -55.5dB typical @ 10kHz, 15dBu
Inter-channel crosstalk (between adjacent channels): -47.0dB typical @ 10kHz, 15dBu
THD+N: 0.007% @ 1kHz, -24dBu, 600Ohms
SNR A-weighted: 90dB
Frequency response: -2.5dB @ 20Hz, -4.25dB @ 20kHz
Max output: 17dBu (unbalanced)
THD+N: 0.002% @ @ 1kHz, 16dBu
Max output: 26dBu (balanced)
SNR with all channel levels at min: 101.5dB
SNR with all channel levels at max:


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