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The EMG-81 is a high-output pickup designed especially for the lead guitarist. The 81 is at its best for high volume overdrive and amps with a master volume. Whether you're playing power rock 'n' roll, or overdriving your amp, there's a razor sharp attack, and incredible sustain for brilliant soloing. If you're looking for exceptional qualities in a rock pickup, the EMG-81 is the one. 

Distortion during lead passages is consistent, sustain is long and the breakup fades smoothly. The ceramic magnet in combination with wide aperture steel poles lend a quick attack but the tone stays nice and fat at the same time. Perfect if you're the only guitarist in the band, and need to switch from rhythm to lead and still keep the band moving. Another great thing about the EMG-81 is it's quiet. If you're playing at really high gain the last thing you need is noise.

(traditionaly used in bridge position)


EMG EMG-81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup Features:

  • Package includes: 
    EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cable 
    Prewired split shaft volume/tone control set 
    Output jack 
    Battery clip set 
    Screws and springs


EMG EMG-81 Humbucking Active Guitar Pickup Specifications:

  • Resonant Frequency (kHz): 2.00 
    Magnet Type: Ceramic/steel 
    Output Voltage (String): 2.0 
    Output Voltage (Strum): 4.5 
    Output Noise @ 60Hz: -91 dBV 
    Output Impedance: 10 kOhms 
    Current @ 9V: 80 microamps 
    Battery Life: 3,000 hours 
    Maximum Supply: 27V DC
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