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The PreSonus AudioBox Studio Bundle Recording Package has everything you need to satisfy the DIY musician inside you! Unless you struggle to open cardboard boxes or can't figure out how undo twist ties, it'll take you all of five minutes to pull this gear out of the box and start laying down tracks! And with an audio interface, condenser microphone, software, headphones and cables all in one package, all you need to add is your own musical ideas.

PreSonus AudioBox 2-Channel USB Audio Interface

At the heart of the bundle is the AudioBox USB interface itself. It runs right into your computer with a single USB cable and draws its power straight from the bus. No separate power adapter needed! This way, if you're using a laptop, you'll be able to take your audio interface along wherever you go.

On the front of the AudioBox you've got two balanced Mic/Instrument inputs, which can each accommodate an XLR vocal microphone, 1/4" guitar cable, or 1/4" keyboard input. Each can deliver phantom power to a microphone when needed. Separate gain stages with a handy red clip light allow you to keep the gain from getting too hot. The Left and Right main outputs come from two balanced 1/4-inch jacks and can be easily run to powered speakers for mixing. Or you can run them to a house PA for live performance. A headphone jack with its own volume knob lets you send a mix directly to the ears of that vocalist you're recording -- or to continue your mixing work after everyone else has gone to sleep. And PreSonus has thoughtfully included a pair of HD7 headphones just for this purpose.

PreSonus M7 Microphone: Capture Vocals and More

This sweet package wouldn't be complete with the PreSonus M7 large-diaphragm microphone. It's a great all-around microphone that will record male and female vocals, acoustic guitars, and keyboard or guitar amplifiers. It's got a mic stand adapter included and a 9-foot XLR cable. Like any condenser mic, it's going to need phantom power. When you plug it into the AudioBox for the first time, just hit the +48V button in the middle of the unit and you'll be good to go! 

DAW Software Included -- Or Use Your Own

If you've already got DAW software you dig, the AudioBox will work with it. If you're new to the world of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software, the included Studio One Artist 2 software is a great way to start learning how computer-based recording works. But make no mistake, this deceptively simple software is capable of creating music at a totally professional level. It offers unlimited tracks for recording, and high quality FX plug-ins to add reverb, delay, band pass filters, and much more to your tracks. The MIDI input and outputs on the AudioBox will come in handy here if you're creating music using MIDI tracks.

Quality A/D Converters On Board

The PreSonus label means that you're not sacrificing great sound on a less expensive interface. The audio processes with 24-bit resolution at either 44.1 and 48 kHz sampling rates. The A/D/A converters are professional-grade converters with a +102 dBu dynamic range. The internal mixer offers zero-latency monitoring. The AudioBox is Mac and Windows compatible, and supports ASIO, Core Audio, Direct Sound, and Windows Audio Session API drivers.

- AudioBox USB Audio Interface with 24-bit resolution audio
- M7 condenser microphone with mic stand adapater
- 9-foot XLR cable
- USB cable
- HD7 lightweight studio monitoring headphones with high-resolution neodymium drivers
- PreSonus Studio One Artist music production DAW software
- 25 Native Effects 32-bit FX
- Additional 4GB of third-party plug-ins
- Computer Recording Made Easy quick start guide
- Compatible with Mac and Windows

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