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PreSonus Eris E5 active studio monitors give you the premium sound option that you need without taking up the space that you don't have. These are real studio monitors that give you a very accurate response with a tight bass and extremely clear upper end. These biamped speakers can be adjusted into the acoustic space, an important feature not usually found in a small, reasonably priced studio monitor.

There is no comparison between the E5 2-Way Active Studio Monitor and cheap computer speakers or a home stereo system. The compact size and affordable price tag make this a studio monitor option for any artist. The Eris E5 takes up just 7" x 10.24" x 7.68" and weighs just 10.2 pounds.

The small stature means it is pretty portable for packing up and switching rooms or music types. There are several different control adjustments for the active artist. Since there are so many genres of music now, there need to be adjustments for the music and room. The first adjustment is the gain, which affects the signal level before the amp. The next adjustment is the Acoustic tuning section, with high, middle and low cutoff to more finely adjust the sound you want to hear. Another adjustment is the acoustic space switch that is a low shelving filter to compensate for a boundary bass boost.

- 5.25" Kevlar low frequency driver
- 45W Class AB Amp
- 1" silk dome tweeter powered by a 35W Class AB Amp
- Outputs clean 102 dB SPL
- Frequency response is rated 53-22 kHz
- Balanced XLR
- Balanced 0.25" TRS
- Unbalanced RCA line-level inputs
- TRS input will supersede the XLR input when both connections are in use
- RF shielding to protect against radio prequencies
- Soft startup to protect against damaging startup pops 

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